Mocca has Come to Town

Mocca, the band originally from Bandung that decided to vacuum since the vocalist move to United State has come to Yogyakarta. Arina, the vocalist spent for 3 months in Indonesia and the band has some concert plan in some city in Indonesia include Yogyakarta. Since they already decide to vacuum and only held a concert when Arina come to Indonesia, I think the concert would be really worth. Took a VIP seat even though on the last row but still have a clear view to see Mocca perform. This was my first time to see their show. The show held on May,19th in Taman Budaya Yogyakarta.


The ticket already on hand

After some opening ceremony and opening perform, finally this was it. “Telephone” has become the opening song. Some song “I Love You Anyway”, “You Don’t Even Know Me”, “Dear Diary”, even the song in Bahasa “Hanya Satu”. Arina also invited the audience to join her sang in “Do What You Wanna Do”. Arina said if they wanted to play 33 song but I didn’t really count how much song they have played then the last song “Me and My Boy Friend”


and Mocca Concert begin

The show has finish but wait, I saw some personnel came back to the stage and also Arina. They came back to play about 4-5 song. I couldn’t remember it well but I could see Mocca closer because the audience  advance toward the stage. Some audience invited by Arina to dance with her. That was an amazing show.

closer with Arina as vocalist after they decided to play more song


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