ART JOG 2013: Maritime Culture


Front Face Taman Budaya Yogyakarta while ART JOG 13 held

The biggest annual art fair in Jogjakarta held from July, 6th till 20th in Taman Budaya Yogyakarta. For this year “Maritime Culture” has been chosen as theme due the Indonesia has long period of history related to the maritime culture it self. Like the previous year, the look of the building also decorated related with the theme that has been chosen. For this time, the look of the building decorated with 360 flatten barrels which represented as hull. There were 158 artwork from 115 artist who participating in this event. The artwork consists of 58 painting, 24 installation works, 9 videos, 9 sculpture, 2 kinetic artwork, and the rest is photographic works.
There were 3 best artwork from best young artist that has been chosen. With no order, this were the artwork.


Noah’s Ark by Theresia Agustina Sitompul

The title of this artwork was “Noah’s Ark” by Theresia Agustina Sitompul. It made use concrete steel and aluminium. She was one of the best young artist in this event. As your info, one of the criteria who could become young artist was the age below 33. And the second one artwork has a title “Megaptera Novalevitae Series” by Michael Binuko Sri Herawan. Thw art work made by ballpoint on paper, resin, and etchings.


Megaptera Novalevitae Series by Michael Binuko Sri Herawan

The last but not lease was “Behind Territory Lines(Conflict And Agreement)” by Hary Prasetyo made by mixed media on cad tracing paper. This artwork told about how was Indonesia look from its territory. Indonesia had a large coast line than other country. As country consist of many islands, Indonesia has a big glory in history on Majapahit’s era and Srivijaya’s era. It could happen because Indonesia had very strong maritime power but today, Indonesia wasn’t as strong as those era especially on maritime culture.


Behind Territory Lines(Conflict And Agreement) by Hary Prasetyo

Beside those artwort, there was flipped VW Beetle made from wood that transform to an boat. The title was “Pesisir” or “Coast” in english by Eddi Prabandono. The VW Beetle had give boat motor on behind so it looked like half flipped VW Beetle and half of boat.


Pesisir by Eddi Prabandono

Finding Lunang” by Iwan Effendi feat Papermoon Puppet Theatre  which located in front of Taman Budaya Yogyakarta building had an unique artwork. It had form like merry-go-round which there were several hand-made wood dolls turn around on it. The Papermoon Puppet also will held a perform on July, 13th and 14th 2013 in the same place.

Finding Lunang by Iwan Effendi feat Papermoon Puppet Theatre

Finding Lunang by Iwan Effendi feat Papermoon Puppet Theatre

I also had chose the best artwork among all. For me, the best artwork was duo flying ship which had very great detail. There was a big city above the ship. From the title, I can guess that the artist imagine if there were no sea in earth so people create and flying ship. They also built a city above the ship. The artwork called “World Without Sea” by Yudi Sulistyo. It made by paper, iron pipe, pvc pipe, wood, found object, and paint.


World Without Sea by Yudi Sulistyo

There were many other artwork that you could see. Better if you come to visit this event so you can appreciate all of the artwork.


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