Edge of the Era: Studio 123 Singosaren Surakarta


Indonesia has movie theater’s history. They existed since colonial era. The first movie theater was establish in 1990 and located in Jakarta. Until 90’s, there’re many movie theater scattered in every city in Indonesia. But, since moneter crisis hit Indonesia’s econimic in 1998, there’re many movie theater collapsed. The reason was there’re many pirated movie circulated in Indonesia so people didn’t need to go to movie theater. Only one company network survived with this condition and still exist until this article was written which will called first class movie theater in this article.

Yogyakarta, place where I lived also has long movie theater’s history since colonial era. But since moneter crisis, only some movie theater can survive and in the mid 2010, the last second class movie theater was closed. Only 2 movie theaters were remaining. Luckily, 60 kilometers northwest from place I lived. Located in Surakarta City or people usually call Solo City, there’s second class movie theater still operated. Physically, you can saw the theater from outside beside this theater on the third floor of department store, it’s also no sign of the theater but an abandon old sign “Studio 123”. Moviegoer  only noticed there’s theater if only went to the third floor of the building and there will be a three poster.


3 poster with 3 different movies’ title


Ticket price was 15.000 rupiahs or abaout 1.5 US Dollars. Less than half price than ticket in first class movie theater.

When I and my girlfriend went to the that movie theater, there’re 3 movie which played on that time. Splinter, Bunraku, and Mother’s Day. It’s the first time we went there. Actually I don’t understand all of those films. I even didn’t know what kind of those film. After the ticket box open, I bought to ticket but when the ticket seller as for film, I really confused which one I must choose, then an officer told me if Splinter and Bunraku would be play soon. He told me about the film. Splinter is a horror movie and Bunraku is little bit japanese film theme. Finally I chose Bunraku.
The film would be play but I didn’t see another moviegoer except us. Bunraku played on studio 2, as the theater name “Studio 123”, it also has 3 studio. In front of studio 2’s gates, there was one officer who collect the ticket, further more surprisingly, he also officer who rolled the projector. There’s no seat number too. We sat near the studio’s door because surprisingly only us who watch on this studio.


2 tickets for Studio 2. There’s no seat number written in the ticket.

Physically, the studio condition was good, has comfort seat, and clean but the picture wasn’t clear enough and also the sound was bad. I can hear clearly. But when enjoy the movie, I remembered my childhood memory. The situation and condition from the studio was same as studio in 90’s era. Different condition with first class movie theater right now which have modern technology. I didn’t know how much moviegoer watching movie in this theater, even though there’s not many moviegoer watch in this place every single day, but until right now the movie theater still operated. For people who had memory about 90’s era of movie theater or someone who want to enjoy movie in different situation, you should try to watch movie in this theater. Even though the movie wasn’t good enough because the second class movie theater has difficulty to get premiere movie. This is can happen because there’s a movie distribution monopoly from first class movie theater network.

Then film end, and unluckily we had chose the longest movie. More than two hours we watched the movie with just only us in a one big room. On more, the projector turn of when we’re step outside even though the movie still on the credit section and we still in front of the studio’s door. Never had experience in movie theater like that before.


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