Child Memory with 101 Dalmatian

Back in 1996, Disney released a family movie, titled 101 Dalmatian. Movie about kidnaping two adult dalmatians and 99 puppy dalmatian by the main antagonist, Cruella De Vil. I have an sweet memory with this movie. This was the movie that watched in movie theatre with my whole family.  I was a 7-years old on that time.

Cruella De Vil with Dalmatian

Cruella De Vil with Dalmatian (taken and editied from

I can little bit remember the environment of the movie theatre on that time event though the original building had not exist and rebuilt with new movie theatre. The building had 2 floors. The first floor used for supermarket and the second floor used for movie theatre. The other famous movie that played in the same day was Evita Peron Movie cast by Madonna. And I can remember the coming soon movie was Space Jam by Warner Bros.

The Dalmatian played about 4 p.m but we came late about 30 minutes. My father gave me two option, we watched another movie, Evita Peron because the ticket box for that movie has opened or bought me a compilation cassette contain a Boyzone hit song “Word” that I found in the supermarket. I insisted to watched 101 Dalmatian. My father little bit angry with my choice because he has appointment with neighbour at 7 p.m and the next session of 101 Dalmatian movie would finish at 8 p.m. 

After one hour waiting for, the ticket box was open. This was the first time I watch in movie theatre and my maybe the only one I watch movie in theatre with my whole family. It’s still my sweet child memory.


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